Established First Internet
18 years ago from his kitchen table!

Stephen AlexanderDirector

Stephen started First Internet from his kitchen table. While the rest of us use the kitchen table for eating off, Stephen’s creation, which began back in 1998, has blossomed into a leading digital organisation in the Northwest.

Passionate about technology and how it can positively affect peoples’ lives, Stephen has helped businesses use the Internet to their advantage; whether it’s increasing business revenue or generating more exposure of information for organisations, success has always been at the forefront of his mind. With clients ranging from charities to engineers, First Internet has become a versatile organisation under the stewardship of Stephen.

With a penchant for France, Manchester United and Espressos, Stephen’s always willing for you to come in and chat. About a new project, that is. Not Espressos. But I’m sure he wouldn’t mind either way.

by Client Services Director, Kat Rodway
Stephen Alexander
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